SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus v2.8 2K update for v2.6 1.5″ & 1.54″ Models

Hello SJCAM Users,

SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus 2K firmware has been released. V2.8 for SJ5000+ 1.5″ and 1.54″ screens adds 2k functionality as well as other resolution ratios.

v2.8 for v.2.7 SJ5000+ (older edition) with 1.54″ Screen:

SJ5000PLUS_V2.8_1.54 inch LCD_20151217_1139

v2.8 for 2.7 SJ5000+ (older edition) with 1.5″ screen:

SJ5000PLUS_V2.8_1.5 inch LCD_20151216_1743


For the newer SJ5000+ Plus please upgrade to v3.3.

For any support questions please post on SJCAM Forums or open a Support ticket.




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3 thoughts on “SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus v2.8 2K update for v2.6 1.5″ & 1.54″ Models”

  1. Hi,
    I think there is a bug in firmware. When i choose “Image rotate” the OSD and menu remain in old position.
    It’s difficult to navigate when camera is mounted upside down. In older firmwares OSD was also rotating.

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