SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus 2K v3.3 Firmware Update

SJ5000+ Plus Users,

SJCAM has just released an important release for the SJ5000+.  v3.3 upgrades from v3.2 and adds 2K

Other additions include:

  1. New Improved User Interface
  2. Adds 2K 2304*1296P @30fps
  3. FOV Settings; Wide, Medium, Narrow
  4. Support for 64gb microSD cards

Download Link:  SJCAM-SJ5000+ Plus v3.3

For any support questions, feel free to open a ticket here or post on our support forums.


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33 thoughts on “SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus 2K v3.3 Firmware Update”

  1. Updated my sjcam to v3.3.
    I can’t even copy any file from camera to my comupter – it’s crashing…

  2. Do i need to format the card before upgrade??
    Can I downgrade and how to ?
    many thanks

  3. I update to 3.3 from 3.2, notice a delightful changes specially the FOV feature, never notice any issue when transferring the files from the camera to the computer when connected a USB, what I notice is that the battery indicator is not showing its real status, it is always in full bar and when I use the SJCAMPlus app it shows that the battery is draining as it should. As I read the thread there is a upcoming update to 3.3.1 and notice that color correction is commonly be addressed, is the battery indicator will be fix on that version as well?

    Thank you in advance for responding in my concern.

    1. sjcam518129

      We are checking with our firmware department. We will have a new version shortly.

    1. Link for the V3.2, I observe the V3.3, encountered numerous issues

      1st: battery indator
      2nd: when recording it will cut the record every 10 minutes
      3rd: the narrow in FOV is just like it was zoomed in and the quality is awful
      4th: while charging and recording a video the video quality has distorted when I play it back
      5th: It crash when usb cable is connected to pc and select storage, wont copy any video files need to remove battery to make it working again.

  4. On the display I can not figure out whether timelaps mode is activated or normal video mode. can you put a sign on the display to indicate that the mode is enabled timelaps 🙂

  5. Updated form 3.2 to v3.3. (Sj5000+) notice that the battery indicator stays FULL “all three bars are white” thus making it a upredictable shutdown. 🙁

    1. sjcam518129

      Hello, please make sure you charge the battery using a battery charger. We have made a note and will hopefully be resolved in the next firmware release.

      1. I was happy that you respond on my comment within just minute, greatly appriciated that thank you 🙂 The battery was well charged within the charger specification needed. Hope the new firmware release soon. Can I go back to my previous v3.2? Will be using my sjcam tomorrow. If yes, can you provide a link to it? Thank you.

          1. Done. Emailed for request firmware. Will be waiting for reply. Thank you.

  6. I have noticed that the colors is more greenish in black
    hope this will be solved, because i have to correct the colors every time by some apps
    thanks in advance 🙂

  7. BTW, I have SJ5000+ V2.5_1.5LCD.
    can i update to the newer versions like 3.3 or the newer 3.3.[..] ?

  8. Trojan Knight

    I have recently updated to firmware 3.3 from 3.2. using 3.2 file transfer works fine on android app, but when I updated I can’t access images and videos taken from my sjcam but when I view on sjcam taken photos exist..can i have 3.2 firmware to revert back my sjcam to original state?

  9. Buenas noches, he visto varios comentarios que el sonido es malo por favor confirmar si mejoraron ese aspecto estoy interesado en comprar la camara sj5000 x elite

    1. sjcam518129

      Hola, Sí, el tema de sonido para el SJ5000x se ha actualizado. También hemos lanzado un nuevo firmware para resolver los otros problemas. Definitivamente, usted puede ordenar como SJ5000x Elite ahora y reciba una maravillosa cámara de acción!

  10. Daniel Guerra

    Hola por favor necesito saber la manera de reconocer si mi SJ5000 Plus es modelo antiguo o nuevo. Muchas gracias!!

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