SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air 4K Action Camera Released

SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air 4K Action Camera Released

April 24, 2017 SJCAM SJ6 Legend, Новости

SJCAM released the SJ6 Legend Air action camera last week. What are the main differences between the SJ6 Legend and the SJ6 Legend Air?

There are three main differences.

  1. SJ6 Legend has a 0.96″ front screen; SJ6 Air does not have front screen.
  2. SJ6 Legend has a 16MP Panasonic Sensor: SJ6 Air has 14MP Sensor
  3. SJ6 Legend has a Novatek chipset; SJ6 Air has an all-new SJCAM Chipset.

The last difference is the price and where SJCAM will be selling the Legend Air. The Legend Air will be sold mainly to European distributors and will largely not retailed online via B2C sites.

Please contact your local SJCAM distributor to secure your pre-order SJ6 Legend Air Camera.