The best what we've learned from Action Cams, now brought to the youngest ones!

  • Recording:
    720P HD

  • 5 Megapixels

  • 2.0-inch HD Screen

  • 800mah Battery

Video Recording


With a video resolution that is simple enough for kids to play around with and learn from, light enough for quick file transfers, the little fellas will have an awesome time taking videos of anything they wish to record.

5 Megapixels

Photo Shooting

Give kids the experience of playing with photography at an early age. FunCam makes the process of learning the ropes of this hobby an enjoyable event in their lives.


Video Recording

Give them the ability to create awesome timelapse. Record sunrise, sunsets, cloud movements, among others. Speed up the motion of super slow-moving objects with the FunCam, all without having to go through the hassles of doing post-process stitching.



Setting up the camera so that pictures are captured at a delayed time allows the kids to be part of the action. It’s their camera, after all!



What better way to show kids’ pictures if not for photo decorations! Choose from a variety of frame options to match the pictures theme. And there’s more! Games! Kids are going to have a great time learning photography.


Look how amazing these color combinations are! There’s one for every kid, get as many as they like!

  • SJCAM FunCam Black

  • SJCAM FunCam White

  • SJCAM FunCam Pink

  • SJCAM FunCam Blue

  • SJCAM FunCam Orange

  • SJCAM FunCam Yellow

Video Recording

1080Full HD (1920x1080), 1080P (1440x1080), 720P (1280x720), WVGA (848x480), VGA (640x480)

Photo Resolutions

12M(4032x3024), 10M(3648x2736), 8M(3264x2448),
5M(2592x1944), 3M(2048x1536)

Motion Detection




Cards supported

Up to 32GB Micro SD cards

Menu Languages

English / Français / Deutsch / Español / Italiano / Portugues /
简体中文 / 日本語 / 繁體中文 / Pусский / 한국어 / Slovenský /
Polski / Česky / Magyar / Dansk / Nederlands / Türk / ไทย

Additional Features

In-built games, Photo frames, Loop recording, Exposure, ISO, Data Label, White Balance, Self-timer


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