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October 25, 2016 News, SJCAM Accessories, SJCAM SJ4000 Series, SJCAM SJ5000 Series, Video Contest Giveaway

My SJCAM Summertime video contest has ended and it was absolutely awesome!

We have received over 70 videos from all over the world and over 40 qualifying videos followed all the contest rules.

As expected, we had a difficult time choosing which among the participants’ videos should get the top spot. Summertime is different all throughout the world and it is equally amazing to watch how people spend it.

Winners will get these really cool prizes!

1st Place:
1 SJ5000x Elite
1 Large Travel Case with Accessories
1 SJCAM T-Shirt
PLUS! 30% Discount on any camera purchase from our webstore,

2nd Place:
1 SJ4000 WiFi
1 SJCAM TShirt
PLUS! 30% Discount on any camera purchase from our webstore,

3rd Place:
US$68 Gift Card (for use only on
PLUS! 30% Discount on any camera purchase from our webstore,

And now…


  1. Francesco Travaglia 
    My SJCAM Summertime in Mexico and Sicily
  2. Dimitris Laspitis
    My SJCAM Summertime in Kefalonia (Greece)
  3. Vratislav Žurek
    My SJCAM Summertime in Slovakia

An email will be sent to you informing you of your win, along with details on how to claim your prize.

(To those who want to request the full contest score sheet, you may email us at with the subject line: “Summer Contest Results”)

And… GET THIS!…  Participants who emailed us (as part of the requirements) but whose names do not appear above WILL GET A SURPRISE GIFT from all of us here at SJCAM.
Check your emails tomorrow (October 26, 2016)!

Whew! All those places, activities, and things that people can come up with as a video presentation is just staggering. Perhaps we should do another contest that goes in that direction. We’ll see soon.

Watch the SJCAM Blogs for updates and we’ll do something really crazy next time. See you all again soon!