SJCAM FPV Cable for SJ6 SJ7

SJCAM FPV Cable for SJ6 SJ7

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1x FPV Remote Shutter Cable

SJ 6 Legend and SJ 7 Star Native 4k FPV Cable:

Use this 3-in-1 FPV cable for the SJ6 Legend, SJ6 Legend Air, and SJ7 Star Native 4K SJCAM Action camera models. This PWM cable has three main functions:

1. Remote shutter and camera mode switch (PWM)

2. AV Out

3. External Charging

Note: SJ7 Star v1.15 firmware and new firmware supports FPV mode. Earlier firmware versions will not support this cable. Please upgrade to v1.46 firmware for the SJ6 Legend Action Camera.


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SJCAM FPV Cable for SJ6 SJ7


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