Xiaomi Yi 2 vs SJCAM SJ7 Star!!

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    Hey folks, I've been baffling on which on of these two I should order considering price/quality.

    I'm planning on a trip to Central America in which I plan to dive, hike and go on general backpacking. The accessories I'm (probably) going to need are:

    • waterproof case

    • floating grip

    • selfie stick (haven't considered whether I need a remote or not)

    • camera and camera lens cover

    • ** maybe an extra battery
    Considering the above accessories which camera is more profitable to buy? I understand that the prices and qualities are more or less the same while the Xiaomi is the more expensive one (especially since the waterproof case isn't included), is this price difference is really justified?

    In short, which camera + accessories is better to purchase?
    https://appsync.biz/solitaire/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/

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