What does superview actually do?

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    I just received the SJ7 last week and I'm really impressed with the image quality. It really doesn't compare to any older SJ cams. I actually prefer the SJ7 over my Yi 4K , they have the same excellent image but I really like the metal case and the external mic is a huge deal for me, which I missed on the Yi.

    Now, there's a few resolutions in Superview, but I'm not really sure what it does (can't seem to find that in the specs). I can see that it flattens the image quite a bit, I was guessing maybe it uses the full height of the image sensor. That's in fact not true, so my second guess was it uses a 4:3 image and flattens it to a 16:9 ratio.

    If I just measure it out on the image here (top = normal 4K, bottom 4K SV), you can see that the part between the red lines is the original picture.

    I want to use it as a helmet cam and cut out the useful part after my ride, that's actually very useful. I can stretch it up to 130% (and not 133% , what I would expect when it's a 4:3), then it looks the same to the original image.

    Does anyone know what the actual original size of the image is?

    thanks !


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