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    I like SJCAM products, but my use case might differ from most people. I use an older sjcam currently for livestreaming via webcam -function. Everytime I power on / connect the camera to computer I have to select webcam -mode seperately.

    Thus I'd like a feature where the setting could be changed so that the camera could always have webcam -selection on by default and/or just go in to webcam mode every time without the need for pressing any buttons, when connected to a computer.

    Second, to further improve functionality, I'd like the gyro -stabilization feature to be in use while pulling MJPEG / webcam-stream from the camera. Perhaps even H264 could be output via USB, as is done with many newer webcams, like Logitech C920.

    I'm willing to buy a couple of these cameras (preferably SJM10+) if both of the features will be enabled.

    It's not necessary for my setup, but it would be nice to have gyro-stabilization feature enabled for wifi-feed as well.
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