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    Once again things have been made too complex and misinformation has been added to the mix.

    I'm assuming that the reader can:
    • Download a firmware distribution and can locate the downloaded file.
    • Knows how to un-zip or open compressed archives
    • Knows how to extract files and how to find the exacted file(s)
    • Knows how use SD's on their computer
    Obviously your computer has to be able to use SD's that work with the SJ7

    The how-to:
    1. Download the firmware zip.
    2. Extract the contents of the folder labeled in Chinese. For simplicity's sake use SJ7_FIRMWARE.BIN
    3. Format an SD in the SJ7 camera - formatting erases the SD's contents!
      • Tap the screen to open the set up menu
      • Tap the Tools icon
      • Scroll down to Format and tap it
      • Tap the white rectangle to format the SD
      • Turn off the camera and extract the SD
    4. Put the SD in the computer
    5. Copy SJ7_FIRMWARE.BIN onto the SD
    6. Put the SD back into the camera and power up the camera
    7. Enter the setup menu and tap the tools icon
    8. Scroll down to the box showing the current firmware version in the camera and tap the box
    9. Tap the white rectangle to install the new firmware
    10. After changing firmware (or reloading the current version) all camera settings are returned to their defaults. Change the settings to fit your requirements
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