[solved] 3 issues with SJ7 solved by replacing camera

Discussion in 'SJ7 Star' started by Lazaros Filippidis, Sep 26, 2017.

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    I just wanted to update all regarding the SJ7. I had several issues with my original SJ7 and after months of trying to figure out a solution I had it returned. I then purchased a new one and luckily those problems I had disappeared.

    a) CHARGIND: In the original camera when I connected it to the PC and chose "charge" the camera would shut-down and would not charge. Now it shuts down but the LEDs remain ON indicating that it is charging. When fully charged the LEDs turn OFF. So, this seems fixed.
    b) HOT: In the original camera when I connected it to charge it would get extremely hot, now the new one does not get hot, again this seems to have been fixed
    c) WIFI CONNECTIVITY: In the original camera when I enabled wifi the wifi symbol was white. Pressing the settings button quickly would not turn the wifi symbol green. When the wifi symbol is white you cannot connect to the camera. Now when I do the same the wifi symbol turns green and I can now connect to the camera using my android tablet. So, again this seems to have been fixed.

    Note I was and am using FW1.15.

    Hope somebody will find this useful.

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