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    1. Is it possible to add 4:3 resolutions?
    From IMX377 datasheet:
    4000 x 3000 30fps
    2000 x 1500 60fps

    2160p (2880 x 2160) ? fps
    2.7k (2704 x 2028) ? fps
    Maybe it is possible in 60/50fps?

    2. Add lvr (low video resolution) option to disable this feature. If someone does not use app, this feature only increases battery consumption and uses more space on sd card.
    I've found info that this option is available in firmware up to 1.2.0 and maybe it is possible to set this option after downgrading. Restoring newer firmware may not change this setting. I cannot do this because with firmware 1.2.0 touchscreen is not working!

    3. Add beeps when starting and stopping recording. When using camera on helmet it will be very useful. It will guarantee that we know the camera starts recording. The beeps should be loud enough to hear it when camera is in waterproof case. The current turn on sound is too quiet.

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