SJ7Star FPV mode and shutter cable issue

Discussion in 'SJ7 Star' started by Paul PH Huang, Dec 11, 2017.

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    It seems very few people talking about the experience that mount SJ7Star on drone, allow me have 2 questions on this, expecting some discussion of answers from any experience guys.
    I have bought SJ7Star & it's shutter cable, installed on the gimbal of my drone, then I got 2 issues on it.
    1. After turned on "FPV mode", I can't see original OSD of SJ7Star in my screen (it's connected with AV through 5.8G Video receiver). It means I don't know if camera is on recording or not. I tried to turned off FPV mode, but the output AV signal is gone. I can't see anything in screen. I would like to know if there's some way allow me seeing the OSD message of SJ7Star and also AV out working.
    2. About the shutter cable, I found one interesting thing: If WIFI enabled, the shutter not works. Because my gimbal will covered SJ7 touch screen, so I have to reply on WIFI to do configuration change. It made me very inconvenient to operate SJ7 while it mount on drone. And before firmware 1.20, sometimes SJ7 will hung and no response to shutter signal. After upgraded to 1.20, so far so good.

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