SJ7 touch screen problems (2018/19 model no HDMI)

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    Hi ,
    Has anyone resolved the screen problems with the current model SJ7 Star.Originally purchased from Amazon Australia 2x cameras 1 x black 1x silver both original models with HDMI port. The black one developed problems which were not fixable by any updates,card swaps etc. SD cards are genuine AU store bought cards.The silver camera works fine same version 1.21 and has seen action. Anyway returned faulty black one for full refund from Amazon then purchased a brand new replacement from same supplier fulfilled by Amazon.
    Now new replacement(new model no HDMI) stopped working,never been used outside yet or any action.
    Problem 1:
    Screen when turned on went blank no boot.Screen was on but stayed blank.No amount of turning off/on by holding power button for 17secs or removing battery resolved problemThis problem is on YOU TUBE.
    Problem 2.
    Camera has now booted and now works for how long don't know but touch screen jumps from setting to setting by itself problem on You Tube also.Screen not dirty or anything like that.Have noticed buttons are different from first model to the this current 2019 model they are flatter.
    Maybe the new type buttons have a problem with the original settings button, microswitch.As the problem is with settings could be mechanical? who knows.
    If anyone has any info or same problems would be good to know. I think SJCAM will tell me to return to sender before telling us the is an inherent problem with their current model. brand protection.
    If you've read this far thanks.

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