SJ6 (newer without HDMI port and with ver 1.51) Audio Noise Problem in Wifi mode

Discussion in 'SJ6 LEGEND' started by Charlie Burnham, Dec 13, 2018.

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    The removal of the HDMI port on newer SJ6 and change to version 1.51 software creates high level of audio noise when Wifi mode is turned on. This is especially bad when external mic connected, but also present on internal mic. Could be related to hardware change (removal of the physical HDMI port) or version 1.51 software. Older SJ6 with HDMI port and version 1.49 firmware do not have this issue.

    I think all three things have to be present for this to be a problem: No HDMI Port + 1.51 firmware + Wifi connected + external mic = audio noise. I have heard this is true of SJ7 as well, but I don't have one to check. Hopefully it's a firmware issue, but as it is analog noise interference (probably from the Wifi circuitry), it may not be fixable in firmware.

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