SJ6 LEGEND Firmware Ver 1.4.8 LATEST!

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    Go to the firmware download page on the Official support site HERE.


    SJ6 v1.4.8 Changelog:


    1. Optimizes Russian translation

    2. solve the connection in the HDMI, the next row of a regular UI will flash the problem

    3. Resolves After opening wifi, and connecting to camera, the icons dissapear and there is an issue recording with app issue.

    5. When the fish eye correction function is turned on, there is gray FOV menu (FOV turned off)

    6. Since the white balance menu and the color menu in the menu have overlap, one of the two’s menus is grayed out when the other one is turned on.

    7. Updated English Menu: Delay Capture -> Selfie Timer

    8. Resolved slow video settings not saving issue.

    9. Resolved the smaller font in the menus after screen was scrolled.

    Sept 4 Updates:

    10. Resolves when selecting delete in video playback, the video continues to play, and cannot delete file.

    11. Fixes issue in burst mode when first image has quality issues.

    12. -2X Slow Motion now uses 1080p.


    SJ6 V1.4.7 Changelog:

    1. Resolves issue that occurs when HDMI is connected and touch screen cannot operate and goes into playback mode.
    2. Resolves issue when connected to HDMI and power unit off, the LOGO display anti-90 degrees
    3. Adds a user guide (Wizard) which appears first time after restoring factory settings or upgrading to new firmware. Guide will display basic operations.
    4. Added function: after restoring factory settings, a guide will appear when going into normal video mode.
    5. Fixes when in FPV mode and connect HDMI, the unit freezes due to HDMI AV-out not being able to operate at the same time. Now only one video stream output can be selected at time.
    6. Adds ISO 3200 manual control
    7. to solve the closure of the cycle of video, the video to the card after the card full of tips have not disappeared, can not operate the TP problem
    8. Optimize the function can not be effective at the same time, the menu to increase the gray background, such as open the gyroscope, FOV and fish eye correction menu becomes gray, then click on the button can not enter the secondary menu or button OK button can not enter the secondary menu
    9. In the menu under the two menu, press the power button down options, this time if the slide TP, press the power button down, there will be a disorder problem
    10. Set the camera to set the camera mode, the photo set to 12M, and then shut down; and then boot, and then open the wifi, mobile phone camera wifi, camera crash
    11. Under the Optimize menu, click into the secondary menu and the response speed returned after the second menu selection
    12. Optimize left and right sliding switch mode speed and camera busy tips too frequently to solve the problem, after optimization, sliding switching mode should be faster than before 2 to 3 times
    13. solve the problem: in the camera mode, select the watermark off, take pictures out of the picture will still have watermark information


    SJ6 v1.4.6

    1. Re-adds upgrading firmware via SJCAMZone App
    2. Fixes screen does stay off when selected off and unit is rebooted.
    3. Adds menu wheref now set WIFI SSID and wifi passwords SJ6 V1.4.6
    4. Fixes screen does stay off when selected off and unit is rebooted.
    5. Adds menu wheref now set WIFI SSID and wifi passwords
    6. Fixes 720p and APP issue which cause camera to crash.
    5. Adds in underwater mode, press OK for more than 2 seconds to switch to quick menu mode.
    7. Fixes when Gyro turned on, distortion correction icon will not be displayed.
    8. Updates so that when press power button down long, the camera will turn on first, then the lights blink.
    9. Fixes when distortion correction is on and sharp picture is selected, sometimes fisheye correction doesn’t work.
    10. Frame Lock option will be added in low light mode. menu to add low-light mode. When in low light frames will not drop.
    11. IQ effect optimization: the overall effect of bright (note open “low-light mode” to see the obvious changes in brightness)
    12. Loop video record default set to 3 minutes.
    13. Adds Digital Zoom (DZOOM) function. (note DZOOM and some features conflict, when there is no conflict when the main interface DZOOM function button appears)
    14. Resolves the freezing issue due to VGA resolution not supporting fish eye correction.
    15. Fixes battery icon issue where when switched from photo to record, icon shows battery is full.
    16. In car mode, unplug the charger and a delay of 10 seconds is added before shutoff.
    When Not in car mode. Unplug the charger and the camera does not turn off

    Go to the firmware download page on the Official support site HERE.

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    WARNING!! There is a new version 1.4.9 where after the installation is missing translations in several languages! Do not install because version 1.4.8 has been removed.

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