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    Hi, I'm relatively new to action cameras and cameras in general but just got the SJ6 as my first camera a few days ago. I did what was suggested and updated the firmware immediately through the use of the phone app. However, in my video and photo quality, there is a lot of "fuzziness" on the screen when I download the video/photo to my computer. I have tried different resolutions (4K, 2K, 1080) and nothing seems to fix the fuzziness. I'm wondering if anybody knows what the issue is or is this something that comes with getting a "cheaper GoPro" as I really wasn't expecting the video quality to be that bad.

    For reference, I thought the SJ6 Legend would be producing video/photo quality like the one shown in this review :

    This is the image quality from taking a photo : . As you can see, there's a lot of fuzziness or blur throughout the whole photo and its even worse when taking video.

    Any other SJ6 users know how to fix it or is there a certain setting I have to turn on/off in order to get the best out of the camera?
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