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    Hi folks, my first post and I've noticed that my new SJ6 Legend does not cope well with changes from light to dark contrast areas. I upgraded from a SJ4000 which coped much better.

    WDR is on which doesn't seem to make much difference either on or off, Metering is on Average. I've altered the EV scale as the blacks were much too dark so the best compromise I find is around +2/3EV but this blows out the whites. The SJ4000 was set at 0EV and coped well in all lighting conditions

    The SJ4000 has a HDR function which I assume is just the same as WDR.

    I'm wondering if any of the members have noticed this or had success in changing any settings to improve it for both still and video.

    V 1.4.6

    Sample still image attached.

    Many thanks in advance.


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