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    SJ5000 Series - FAQ

    How do I know if my camera is an authentic SJCAM?
    For the ones that come in the new box, there’s a scratch portion there to reveal a security code.
    Go to to get to the SJCAM Authentication Page, and then enter your Security code to check
    whether your camera is genuine or fake.

    What memory cards do you recommended for SJCAM cameras?
    16GB or 32GB original, well-known brands with high quality, high input/output writing speeds, and class 10 at least. SDHC versions are recommended.

    The following micro SD memory cards have been tested and performed well with all of the SJCAM devices:

    Silicon Power Micro SDXC 64GB Class 10 (only with selected models)
    Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB (only with selected models)
    Samsung EVO C10 32GB
    Sandisk Extreme C10 32GB
    Lexar EVO C10 32GB
    Transcend Premium 300 C10 32GB
    Sandisk C4 32GB
    Sony C10 32GB
    Sandisk C6 16GB
    Kingston 16GB
    Transcend C10 16GB

    What memory card size do I need?
    For 1080p of video, you get around 2:20mins on a 16GB memory card.
    720p 60fps is about the same, 720 30fps is about double (4:30 min). Be sure to get a branded Class-10 card so you don’t run into trouble when you’re already recording

    What charger should I use to charge my SJCAM?
    Any microUSB wall charger will do. A charger with a current output of anything from 300mA (three-hundred milli-Amperes) to 1A (one Ampere) is recommended. Anything above 2A might charge the battery too fast and may dramatically shorten its life.
    Alternatively, you may also use the USB ports of your computer.

    My SJ5000X has some white dots that show up when I take pictures in low light, is there a way to fix it?
    Yes. Those white spots are called hot pixels, and it only exists in digital cameras.
    If yours have these, you can use the Hot Pixels Fix by following the instructions below.

    1. Cover the camera lens very carefully with a piece of cloth, make sure that no light gets through the lens.
    2. Power on the camera, and press the OK button for 3 seconds making sure the camera lens is well covered:
    3. When you see a "DP: Pass" message, hold the power button for a few seconds to power off the camera.
    4. The hot-pixels problem is fixed.

    I just found out that there is a different version of the SJ5000+,

    I have an SJ5000+ and I think I bricked it after installing the firmware on your website, can I still save it?
    Yes. You can still fix an SJ5000+ that does not seem to power up correctly after a firmware installation, just follow the instructions from user TechTronic9000 here: Recover Bricked SJ5000+

    Where can I get the correct firmware for my SJ5000+?
    Please make sure that you have installed the correct firmware for your camera since there are 3 models of firmware for the SJ5000+:

    DOWNLOAD LINK: SJ5000+ 1.5" Screen.
    DOWNLOAD LINK: SJ5000+ 1.54" Screen and firmware v2.8.4 or lower.
    DOWNLOAD LINK:SJ5000+ 1.54" Screen and firmware v3.0 or higher.

    My recording starts and stops, all my recordings are really short. What’s happening?

    This can be caused by several things:
    1. You have loop recording on. Loop recording is usually used when the camera is used as a dashcam for long recordings, to keep the files manageable, making the video file stop at set durations, then continue on automatically without user interference.
    2. You have a bad card. Either the card is having problems or you have an incompatible memory card.
    3. You have a fake size/speed card. You can test if your card has the correct specs on the label by downloading a free software called H2testw. Any discrepancy you see on the software and the label is suspicious.

    Why can I not play video on my computer or mobile phone?
    Either your player does not have the right CODEC (compressor/decompressor), or your device is not powerful enough to handle the video.

    Why is my video choppy when played on my computer or phone?
    It can either be 1 of 2 things:
    1. Your computer/device may not have the minimum required specifications to play the videos back; or,
    2. You are playing the file from another source and the data transmission cannot keep up with the video being played. Example: High resolution 2K or 4K file is played on computer, but the source file is in the camera, connected by a USB cable.

    Why doesn't my LCD screen show the true recording exposure?
    The screen is intended to be used more as a viewfinder and a status indicator. It will show you what will be recorded onto your memory card, but not the exposure and lighting settings in realtime. Like with any other camera, one must be familiar with photography settings well enough to judge what exposure is required for any given lighting condition.

    If you have suggestions on what you want to see on this FAQ, let us know below.
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    I've been looking everywhere but can't seem to find the answer
    Is the SJ5000 series supported under LInux?
    Especially the Web CAm feature

    Thank you
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    yes it works out of the box on linux ..
    havent tried the Web Cam feature (never used it ) but you can check it up after connecting your device and selecting pc camera and open cli and typing : $ ls /dev/video* it will show your device..and i think it should work
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