SJ5000 Screen turns black and becomes unresponsive

Discussion in 'SJ5000 Series' started by tRider, Feb 17, 2018.

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    As the title says, the camera screen sometimes turns black and becomes unresponsive. The buttons don't do anything anymore and the only solution is to power it off and on again. If the issue has occurred once, it will occur every time you try to start up the camera, faster each time. The only solution is to leave the camera off for a couple of minutes and then it will go back to the issue happening randomly. I have a video about it happening but I am not allowed to post links yet for the "3 post rule". I just wanted to ask if there is any solution or reason for what's happening. I also updated the firmware, hoping that this is a bug that has been fixed but it hasn't, the issue still occurs. I'm past the return date so I'm only left with the warranty but I'm afraid that the people there won't encounter the problem instantly, they will decide that there is none and return it to me broken. Has anyone else encountered this ?
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