SJ4000X, Remote control watch and other issues....

Discussion in 'SJ4000 Series' started by FrankDH, May 31, 2020.

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    Hello All, Am I the only person that has bought a 4000X??

    I am quite happy with it despite being unable to find a manual for it anywhere... so I am using the SJ9 manual which seems to work. All functions and capabilities seem to be the same..

    So, it has the ability to pair with a SJcam remote control watch.
    So I buy a watch.... I already have one paired with my SJ6.....

    It says on the box it came in 'M20/SJ6 Legend/SJ7 Star' and the vendors ebay listing also said SJ8 and SJ9... so far so good.

    Sadly it doesn't want to 'pair'... select pairing on the 4000X... press the 2 buttons on the watch.... nada..

    So... is it incompatable? Is the 4000X needing a software up grade? or what??

    Third issue....
    Lense/sensor will fog up... if used for some time outside.....
    I see this is also a problem with the SJ9.

    Any thoughts on these issues??

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