SJ4000 drains battery

Discussion in 'SJ4000 Series' started by czesio666, Sep 30, 2020.

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    I have strange problem with my SJ4000 (V01 version, no wifi). A few months ago there was a problem with battery that I had to replace (6 years old so it needs to be replaced). I have also noticed that each battery change reset the date. Earlier, there was no problem if the battery was replaced very fast. I have ordered new battery and now when the camera is off and fully charged, the battery is dead after two days. The camera does not even turn on. It means that there is some current leakage when the camera is off.
    Did anyone have the same problem?

    I have measured the current flow when the camera is off. It is about 15mA.
    Where could be the failure that cause such large current flow? Maybe there is a problem with internal capacitor circuitry that is needed to stabilize input voltage and provide the power when battery is taken off to maintain the time and date.

    Maybe someone has circuit diagram?

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