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    Hello guys.
    I share my experience with the SJ360.
    In an attempt to publish the videos directly from the camera to Youtube, the result is this:

    When searching further, I found that it is necessary to use another software that does an "Injection of Metadata" in the video file, in this way, Youtube will read the video as 360 ° (This mode I do not recommend for SJ360, I did not like it ), See the result:

    Finally, I discovered that SJ360 videos are compatible with "360 Fly Director" software, which does playback, conversion and even direct sharing to YouTube and Facebook, all from the software platform.See below the result using the converted video within the software:

    Anyway, this was my experience, I believe that other users Sj360 had the same difficulty in the beginning.
    I hope this tip can help you!

    You can download directly from Software 360 Fly Director

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