RMA replacement shipping

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    RMA replacement shipping

    For camera replacement, please refer to our return policy posted on sjcamHD.com.

    To send us the camera, please follow the steps:
    1. Submit a ticket at sjcamsupport.freshdesk.com to get an RMA number from us.
    2. Fill in the attached document "SJCAM_return_replacement_slip.doc", please use the RMA number given to you by one of our consultants, print it out and attach together with the camera.
    3. Ship us the camera only, (no need to ship battery, accessories, boxes or waterproof case) to:

    SZ Hongfeng century Technology LTD.
    Add: 3/F, Building C, District 2, Road 1
    ShangXue Industrial Area, Bantian Street,
    Longgang District, ShenZhen,
    China 518129
    Phone number: 86-0755-84524750

    4. Make sure to pack the camera carefully so that it does not get damaged in transport, attach the RMA slip together with the camera.
    5. Unless in a hurry, use the regular post, the shipment of the camera only should not cost more than 10-15USD.
    6. Send us a tracking number if you get any.
    7. Once we receive the faulty camera, we will send you a replacement camera to the address specified on the RMA slip.

    SJCAM Replacement Slip Download Link

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