Resolutions and 59.94 vs 60FPS (PAL vs NTSC)

Discussion in 'SJ7 STAR Firmware' started by SLAM-ER, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Hi, I'd like to film on my SJ7star at 2.5k/16:9/60fps, which is available if I select NTSC, but it's not exactly 60fps (it is 59.94fps). If I have the SJ7star set to PAL I only have the option of 2.5k/16:9/50fps.

    I am also using my M10plus filming at 1080p/16:9/60fps which is exactly 60fps when set to NTSC or PAL. When I try to edit/overlay videos the difference in frame-rate is causing me issues, and I have to convert the other footage from 60 down to 59.94fps first, and then I can use them together once the fps match.

    Can we please have PAL/2.5k/16:9/60fps option added at a true 60fps (not 59.94fps)?

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