Query about SJ7 Star's Dash Cam Mode (Car DV) & Other Functions..

Discussion in 'SJ7 Star' started by ArijitB, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Recently Got SJ7 Star - Please let me know the Following

    1.How to completely mute SJ7 Star's Internal Microphone? Is it even Possible? During Video Shoot I want only Video to record - No Audio at all.
    So I tried Video Record Mode > Microphone Volume > OFF but no effect - Internal Microphone can record audio all the time as long as SJ7 capturing Video.

    2.Now the question about Dash Cam Mode - SJ7's Paper Manual as well detailed Online PDF Manual suggest to remove Battery from the camera before attaching it to the Dash - OK - but the moment I remove the Battery the Camera goes 01-AUG-2016 and 12:00 A.M at Night - Now think about this info goes to Metadata of the video file as well Time Stamp of the Dash Footage - God forbid if something happens and need to produce footage to the authority/court/police - Isn't that all going wrong ?

    3.Another question about Dash Cam mode - as the suggested before using as Dash Cam Mode Battery removed - In this scenario the camera getting power from the Car's Charging port and start recording - Fine....Some Car specially Dissel Passenger Car's (HatchBack/Small SUV) need the huge amount of battery power to Crank the engine which leads to all Electricity cut from all Accessory port including Car's Charging port (which connected to SJ7). Result SJ7 shut down during record and the message pop up - 'Recover Video' or something...So what happens I believe the Footage was gone...

    Is it Safe for the Camera or Memory Card?

    4. As suggested in the paper manual - Always remove the battery before when using the camera as a dashcam to avoid overcharging <---My question isn't this device equipped with battery overcharging protection circuit.

    5. Using 1080p 30 fps mode and the MicroSD card I'm trying is Sandisk 128GB A1 (SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA) - If I try 'exfat' format which SJ7 default format the video is broken like a Scratched Video DVD but if I format 'Fat32' there is no problem - Isn't a Firmware Bug....For Sandisk 64 GB card 'exfat' format is fine.

    Please let me know the actual answer.
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