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    Hi !

    Last time I recorded my horse riding. The camera was placed in the waterproof case on the helmet.

    I noticed that all films were a little bit shaky and had regularly frames which are blurry. The gyro was on.
    I put the films on YT but as I am a new one the links do not work yet. You can see it by adding on Ythe endings:

    1.) /watch?v=qeDB0jbDWHo&feature=youtu.be
    2.) /watch?v=qeDB0jbDWHo&feature=youtu.be

    I used 64 GB Sony XC Class 10 card.

    Any idea why the vido is sometimes blurry and with certain shaking frames ?

    My settings:
    -1080/60 FPS
    -Medium FOV
    -Low light condition OFF
    -WDR off
    -Gyro on
    - PAL (60 Hz)
    -High Bit rate
    -Normal Sharpness
    -Auto White balance
    -Normal Color
    -EV 0
    -Distortion correction on

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