M20 Helmet Mount test

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    I do have a couple of minor complaints. First is battery life. I carry a couple of spare batteries, but stopping to change them out can be inconvenient, and there's no easy way to tell when they camera is running low, short of making note of the time.

    Next is form factor, while smaller and more manageable than the other SJCAMs (and certain other rectangular action cameras), is still fairly obtrusive hanging off the side of a helmet and catches on my jacket when doing head checks. This has caused the camera to move.irs.gov

    I would love to see SJCAM take the workings of the M20, particularly the image stabilization, image sensor, etc. and put it into a more aerodynamic form factor, similar to the Drift Stealth 2, with a large battery capable of recording 3+ hours, Dashcam mode (loop recording), and video tagging. fedloan

    In the meantime, the M20 (and possibly a second) will be mounted on my handlebars, engine guard, and various other spots on my motorcycle.
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