Lens covers.

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    I run a DIY channel using my SJCams, and I am wondering about how best to protect them when not in use.

    I have a collection of SJCams used for various video functions.
    4 SJ4000's used for multiple angle shots for my "in shop" views
    1 SJ4000 WiFi used with my drone.
    1 SJ5000x Elite used with my gimbal,
    and my latest and quickly becoming my favorite,
    an SJ6 Legend used for outdoor activity, anywhere I need an external mic for the camera.

    The SJ6 Legend came with this awesome silicone lens cover, the others didn't.

    Are those covers, or something that is a suitable substitute available to protect the lens so I don't accidentally scratch the lens when setting the camera down and goof on which way is up?

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