Great News for SJCAM and Mac Users! RAW2DNG Converter Now Available

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    Great News For SJCAM and Mac Users!
    RAW2DNG Converter Now Available on the App Store.

    Now you can drag and drop whole SJCAM photo folders to convert them to DNG and utilize the power of editing RAW format.

    Scan the QR Code above to go straight to the App Store and download the RAW2DNG application.


    For those not familiar with the RAW format, the file contains unprocessed information straight from the sensor without having a "viewable" output file like JPEG.
    Due to the fact that it is unprocessed data, it is highly specific (proprietary) to the camera used, thus, the ".RAW" file is not a universal file. Each camera brand has their own version of how this particular file is written, and sometimes even different models from the same manufacturer may have different raw encoding procedures. A thing to note, since the file is unprocessed, no compression or anything that takes away data, the filesizes can be huge.

    Some of the benefits of using camera raw files:
    1. RAW enables you to play around image adjustments.
    2. Save your image files in different versions without degrading image quality, unlike JPEG.
    3. Save multiple versions of your files and still have all the image data on the original raw file, all intact.

    There are several versions of this kind of converter online. This RAW2DNG Converter for Mac was created by Yury Golubinsky, and it is meant to convert RAW files from SJCAM cameras, along with some camera brands, to a file that is readily-usable by your favorite image-editing software: DNG (Digital NeGative).

    The DNG file format was created with the intention of unifying the interpretation of the wildly-varying encoding methods that different camera manufacturers use when writing unprocessed data. If you're already familiar with TIFF files, then this is pretty much the same thing, as DNG is based off of it.

    Think of RAW2DNG Converter as a coffee grinder. You put in whole coffee beans (the RAW file), grind it (convert), and out comes ground coffee (the DNG). All that's needed to be done is to brew it any way you want (post process using your favorite photo-editing software) before you serve it (publish).

    With the RAW2DNG Converter application, you will be able to convert RAW files of the following SJCAM models:

    SJCAM SJ8 Pro,
    SJCAM SJ8 Plus,
    SJCAM SJ7 Star,
    SJCAM SJ6 Legend,
    SJCAM SJ5000X Elite,
    SJCAM SJ5000, and
    SJCAM M20,

    For compatibility, you will need a Mac with MacOS 10.14 or higher
    Currently, it is in 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Russian.

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    And where are the great news for SJ8 Pro and PC users, as a working converter from SJCAM is still not available (afet how many years since product release?)!!!

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