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    1. Be nice to other members. No trolling. Posts that are insulting, derogatory, purposeless and inflammatory, will not be tolerated.

    2. No spamming/advertising/self-promotion allowed. Please report spam and useless posts.

    3. Focus on the topic. And stay within topic. Keep the discussion informative, but try to stay within reasonable bounds.

    4. Only post in the most appropriate forum. No cross-posting, multiple posting, or flooding, for the purpose of increasing user points.

    5. Any post containing attacks to other members will be deleted and the member suspended for 1 week. This includes personal, racial, ethnic, and/or gender based insults and attacks. Other posts that engage in other’s attacks will also be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

    5. Stay classy. No pornography in posts, replies, and side comments. Our members read and interact in the forums from their workplace, at home, at cafés, etc. Please report anything sexually offensive, sexually explicit or objectionable.

    6. No posting of (or links to) illegal software.

    7. English please. If it is absolutely unavoidable to use another language, please include the English transalation.
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