Firmware update when we have no pc ; sj7 not recognize on smartphone and app Android problems

Discussion in 'SJ7 Star' started by Supernewbiepro, May 29, 2017.

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    Hello i have the sj7 star firmware 1.13 and want update to the last 1.15

    I am not at home but in other country i have not my pc with me.

    I have a Samsung s7. I download on it thé firmware zip 1.15 and connect your sj7 with the Samsung adapter in usb and select on the sj7 "mass storage". I try To transfer the zip file but i cant in all app files manager i dont see the sj7.

    I install your app Android and connect in wifi its ok but if i click on your bottom firmware update but on the next page there is nothing a clear list ; find sj7 firmware not work ?

    Anyone now how transfer the firmware from the Samsung s7 to the sj7 ? Or when the app Android Will be update to be able to update the firmware of the sj7 ? Thx

    Édit ; solution from thé french forum sjcam ; remove sdcard from sj7, remove sdcard from samsung s7, insert card from sj7 in Samsung copy files from thé new firmware on the sj7 sdcard, insert in the sj7 after transfer ; power on sj7 go To firmware version, accept the update. It work.
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