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    Hello everyone!

    First of all let me start saying that I love this action camera, I love the range of options and features it provides and the quality that comes along with this model.

    There is just this tiny thing that is being happening, and it turns out that when I want to delete something it only let you select "Delete current" and "Delete all" from the sd card, after selecting "Delete current" the camera asks me: "Erase This?" but nothing is being shown, there is an space there though for what is supposed to be an icon or a thumbnail like in the playback section, but currently nothing is shown.

    I was also intrigued by what does "current" means, I tested and it only deletes the latest video or photo.

    I am currently using the latest software update 1.5.1 published on June 2017.

    It would be so cool to be able to delete any selected video or photo taken, maybe from the playback section itself, that would be really nice! :)

    I hope this is something that the team will be able to allow on new releases updates, please keep on the good work! If something like this can be done right now please do let me know how.

    Best regards,
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