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  1. Nishant Kataria
    Nishant Kataria sjcam_admin
    Hi, I bought sj9 strike, but after few days is not booting up properly, it's showing "No Card & Battery Low"
    I have also submitted a ticket at on 6th August but not received any response.
    Now what should I do ?
  2. sushmita sen
    sushmita sen
    sj 8 pro is very nice i purchase and i like this ..this is my 1st camera you sj8 pro
  3. Monka
    SJ8 Pro is Very nice
    Recently bought SJ9 STRIKE But the cam is not booting up, only shows led light when charging, any idea on what could be the issue..?
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    2. Nishant Kataria
      Nishant Kataria
      Hey Brother,
      I'm also facing the same problem....
      You just have to send the camera back.
      First submit a ticket at
      They will send you the RMA no. Then follow the instructions.
      I have also submitted the ticket
      And waiting for the RMA no.
      Aug 7, 2019
  5. SamTan
    SamTan sjcam_admin
    I believe there's a spamming going on in the sj6 legend group. No one can do anything about it?
    1. Troy
      Hi I already removed the problem account that was posting hundreds of spam messages per day, including his messages. Thanks for reporting it. More power to you!
      Jul 17, 2019
  6. patrass
    patrass sjcam_admin
    do you know if it's possible to change ip of a sj8plus or sj8pro without modify firmware
    i have to modify the firmware of my M10 wifi to do that but i whant to change for 4k model
  7. patrass
    patrass Troy
    do you know if it's possible to change the ip of the sj8 plus or sj8pro without modify firmware
  8. Kirby Glenn
    Kirby Glenn Troy
    Can you tell me why i am getting a buzzing noise when i play back my videos on my sjcam 7 star.I use a sandisk 64 gb u3 extreme

    Thank you

    Kirby Glenn
    1. Troy
      Might be possible that it may be coming from another source. Send a short video clip here, and we'll analize it.
      Nov 22, 2018
  9. sathish s
    sathish s
    sjcam sj6 legend
  10. Andrés Ezequiel Ramello
    Andrés Ezequiel Ramello
    Speed up moments with SJCAM.
    Has anyone used a 128gb sd card on the Legend 6?
  13. Jos
    Hi, i am using a SJ5000X with firmware V1.5.4-S but settings won't be saved in setup. Version V1.4.9-S does not solve problem.Any solutions
  14. mustafat34
    mustafat34 SJCAM_Isaacs
    I have a SJ7 star cam. I want to take medical videos in operation room. What is the best setting for it? I had tried before with another action cam, quality was not good and it shines. Regards
  15. Jeff Talosig
    Jeff Talosig
    M10+ wont turn on :(
  16. Jeff Talosig
  17. Ali
    Ali Troy
    Hi, I am using sj7star. My videos have a buzzing sound. It goes and come back in some videos. I am using latest firmware. Should i downgrade to previous firmware version or is it hardware issue?
    I have a request also. It is very importan for me. Please please add 0,5 sec to timelapse.
    1. Troy
      Hi Ali, sorry to hear you had that problem. It is best that you raise a ticket in support. Click this:

      As for the request, I am afraid there will be no more additional features to be added into the SJ7 model.
      Sep 24, 2018
  18. RBEmerson
    Profoundly disturbed
  19. Arnold Tanoy
    Arnold Tanoy
    Move fast and break things.
  20. TheArea51Rider